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Diva 2.0

Bathroom furniture for upscale interiors

Diva 2.0 overturns the classic idea of a bathroom that’s separated from the bedroom by walls. The furniture is a homage to masterly craftsmanship; it reinterprets classic stylistic elements with loop handles in fine faux leather, slender ornamentation (lesenes) and filigree seams. Diva 2.0 is also ideal for furnishing sophisticated guest bathrooms.

A pas de deux for cosiness and functionality. Beautiful through and through. From the graceful oval shape all the way to the neat and tidy interiors: everything about Diva 2.0 has been perfectly thought through. The modular organiser system is variable and there’s even a stool that integrates perfectly with the tall wall-mounted cabinet The choice of top-quality finishes has been carefully geared to the design line’s character.

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