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The handleless Lin20 bathroom furniture doesn’t just transform spacious layouts into gorgeous bathroom interiors. Even in small spaces that might be cramped and narrow as well, this design line is a perfect choice for creating a timeless and practical bathroom. 

Lin20 brings an uncluttered look and clarity to bathrooms of all sizes. All thanks to space-saving vanity solutions and modular cabinet systems that echo modern kitchen units.

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Flexible, versatile and consistent. Lin20 is based on a modular concept. The vanity units and add-on cabinets combine to create a harmonious overall look. The continuous long-line handle emphasises the straightforward and authentic character of the design line. What’s more, Lin20 comes with a wide-ranging repertoire of washbasin options. In combination with the simple design of the vanity units, they bring a subtle and balanced look to any washing area.

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All in a row, everything in one design line: atmospheric lighting, lots of storage space and wonderful washbasin areas. The handleless Lin20 furniture can be combined in a wide variety of ways to create impressive rows of units, even featuring different finishes if required. On the other hand, the design line is full of possibilities even for small rooms, such as a floor-standing vanity unit for a ceramic basin in a depth of just 370mm.

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